Steam Cleaning Full Interior

Steam Cleaning Full Interior

Winding up the interior, we move to the next step which entails exterior. With designated shampoo, we clean the body and give it a shine that’s hard not to notice.

At Hydro Auto Spa we offer the best in interior detailing with professional eco friendly car cleaning products and the most efficient procedure to lave your vehicle looking and smelling great! full interior vacuum with high powered wet/dry vac(vacuumed multiple times during detail) Seat and carpet Stains are pre treated , removed, rinsed (steps are repeated for stubborn stains)

List of steps involved in our Steam Cleaning Full Interior packages

  • Leather seat cleaning & conditioning to leave a matte factory finish look

  • Dash / console treated with matte uv protectant to avoid discoloration and uv damage

  • High Pressure air gun is used to blow out vents and crevices.