PPF ( Paint Protection Film )

PPF (Paint Protection Film)

Paint protection film, commonly referred to as a clear car bra, keeps your vehicle’s paint free of rock chips, scratches, stains, bug splatter, bird droppings, and sun damage. It is an excellent investment for owners of supercars, exotics, race cars, and luxury vehicles, though it can be applied to vans, pick-up trucks and everyday vehicles as well. Clear bra protects your car from rocks, gravel, and everyday debris on the freeway or race track eliminate time and money wasted on repairing or repainting the vehicle’s surface.

With regular cleaning and maintenance, a paint protection film can last many years or even for the lifetime of your vehicle. Paint protection film should be installed by a highly skilled professional installer.

Our Professionals PPF Installer apply a custom-designed clear bra to your vehicle. Wrap Works has an in-house computer and cutting system that can create a Paint Protection kit or we can custom hand-cut a kit to fit your vehicle. We have highly skilled technicians on staff that can create a handcrafted clear bra for the most complex vehicles on the road.